cycle regulator: what to do during pregnancy?

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    • cycle regulator: what to do during pregnancy?

      I bought your cycle regulator (ZyklusRegulat) on the world dog show in Amsterdam.
      I am happy! After I have given your product to support the conception, my bitch is pregnant now! It was so difficult in the past, with your product our dreams came true.
      Now I have half of the product left in the box and I dont need it. May I ask:
      - how long I can use the open product?
      - when I can start to give the product again after the pregnancy?
      I dont need to give more of the cycle regulator powder, What you suggest I can do with the rest?
      Is it possible to do a prophylaxis against pseudopregnancy and can I give the product permanently?

      Thank you!
    • Hello Oggersheimer,

      We are very pleased that the cycle regulation has struck so well with your dog.
      The opened product has a shelf life of approx. 12 months in dry and dark storage. You can start to feed the product at the next heat and feed the can empty to prevent a pseudo-pregnancy.

      We wish you and your dog all the best for the upcoming birth and a great puppy time.