Colostrum pure

  • #Repost @summer.the_husky • • • • • • Montana, Bulgaria [size=14]3 months ago my girl was diagnosed with some kind of autoimmune disease. One day she is perfectly fine and the other, she couldn't stand up and walk. She was scared, I was too. So we rushed to our vets and they did every single test they could and nothing, we even sent blood samples in Germany. In the end because of some of her symptoms, they decided that this autoimmune disease is very similar to myasthenia gravis. When I asked them for how long she will be like this, the answer was about 4 months, depends on her. On the second month after a lot of exercises and hard work I decided that I need something to boost her immune system. I wrote to @heartyapetite and they were so kind! Wanted to know more about her condition so they could offer us the best for her. [url='']Colostrum pure[/url], that's what we needed and after only 3 day use, she had improvement - she started to sit all by herself. And not to mention that her fur began to be more shiny and fluffy! Also she usually shed so much whenever she wants, now no shedding all the time. I'm very pleased! Brown spots under her eyes are gone (I always remove them on lightroom, but now there is no need). [url='']Colostrum pure[/url] provides a range of natural growth and immune factors that work to optimize the immune system, the health of the gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity, musculoskeletal system, and skin and coat health. [/size] [size=14][/size] [attach=190][/attach]