Covid19: Petition against compulsory vaccination - Does participation make sense?

  • [size=14]There are rumours that there are plans or considerations for compulsory vaccinations at Covid19. We are NOT against the possibility of vaccination - it makes sense in some areas and our discretion is necessary for risk groups. However, compulsory vaccination is an extreme encroachment on personal rights and is not proportionate! This should be prevented! Therefore we support the following petition (even if we do not fully share the reasoning behind it) [url][/url] The petition should be supported because this petition is not against vaccination per se, but against compulsory vaccination. This overall contribution represents an opinion in the sense of "freedom of opinion": First of all, it makes sense that there will be vaccinations and the many measures taken by the government regarding Covid 19 are so far largely correct. The measures taken by the government include massive interventions in our civil rights, which require particularly responsible constant checks for necessity and proportionality, even in details. We have given some thought to a few points: 1. course of disease: Overall, the findings from Heinsberg in particular show that the actual mortality rate is around 0.3%. From this, it can be calculated that, with about 6000 deaths in Germany, about 2 million people were already infected and ultimately "worked off" the infection unrecognized and should now be immune. The antibody tests will hopefully provide more clarity here soon. Thus, currently about 3-5% of the population would already be immune. This proportion is likely to increase significantly every week. 2) The deaths - and every single case is of course too many - are mostly of very strongly preloaded people who need to be protected. In the case of so-called risk groups, we unfortunately have a very high risk of severe courses of disease. As far as vaccinations are concerned, we believe that compulsory vaccination encroaches too much on people's individual rights. Ultimately, the vaccination affects the person to be vaccinated personally, as the vaccination is purely aimed at protecting the person to be vaccinated. Every vaccination - and especially vaccines approved in an urgent procedure - of course also involve a certain risk. The weighing up seems relatively simple: people without special risk factors apparently have a risk of less than 0.1%. Since I am in this group, I would personally definitely reject a vaccination because the vaccination risk is not in proportion to the benefit. The situation is completely different with so-called risk groups: People in risk groups have a risk of severe courses between 5 % and 70 %. Here the weighing up is relatively simple and completely different: the risk of a vaccination is significantly lower than the expected benefit. That is why we (we are neither opponents nor advocates of vaccination - but we are critical) consider a vaccine to be urgently needed, especially for the risk groups, in order to be able to protect them better or even at all. Each person affected can decide this individually for himself and his own body. However, even with Corona, we miss objectivity and a differentiated view based on factual arguments in many places. That is why we also support petitions which have the content that every human being BY HIMSELF !!!! may decide whether he wants to be vaccinated or not. This is to be respected. Now to the development of the virus itself: The level of contamination with the virus is crucial. The immune system builds up its own immunity on contact with viruses. This is also how the principle of the classical vaccination (live vaccine) works. In this method, humans come into contact with a very small amount of the pathogen, get to know the pathogen and can thus build up their defence against viruses. This leads to immunity against a virus, which can also be measured with antibodies. The same happens when people meet and come into contact with the virus. We assume that the "dose" of contact with the virus can also influence the course of the disease. Figuratively speaking: There is a difference if the body has to deal with 50 viruses or with 5000 viruses as an entry point. The 50 viruses need a few days to multiply to 5000 viruses. During this time, however, the body's own immunisation is already underway. This also explains why people in hospitals (including doctors and nurses) seem to suffer more from severe courses in all countries. They are exposed to a massive virus pressure (to remain figuratively speaking: about 50,000 viruses) - especially when they have poor protective equipment. This means that the body is exposed to a much more massive attack by viruses. Therefore, it is also to be welcomed that the government is emphatically giving "gas" in the area of protective equipment! In southern regions, people are also massively welcomed closer to the body (including kissing), which also increases the intensity of infection. This also allows further conclusions to be drawn: Much more normality should be restored where personal contacts are minimal. For this purpose, masks are also helpful in areas with unavoidable proximity of "strangers". Example: trains, buses, shopping centres, etc. This helps to keep the situation better under control, to carry out real risk assessment and to reduce the effects of the shutdown as quickly as possible. If our assessment is correct, which is clearly indicated by scientific correlations, the build-up of immunity against the virus will increase massively in the coming weeks as a result of "minor contacts". It is important to protect the risk groups and keep the "virus pressure" small. One more note about the face masks: please only wear them if absolutely necessary (e.g. in the shop or bus) in all situations please NOT !!!! that damages the immune system !!!! Your cdVet team Link to the petition[/size]:[size=14] [/size][size=14][url][/url][/size]